Dear Brothers,

We welcome you to the Respectable Lodge EUROPA OLYMPICA, with the register number 56 from the Spanish Great Lodge – Great Spanish Orient.

We are a Brothers group which recollecting from the ancient masonic tradition preserved during centuries, working day after day for improving as a individual person and building in this way a more fair and free society.

We believe in the Universal Tolerance and Brotherhoods principles,, and we practice them searching for a personal perfection and his projection to the society. We respect and accept all the believes and conceptions and we understand the Freemasonry as an universal institution beyond the frontiers, races or social conditions.

Our Lodge works symbolically following the Emulation Ritual, without a break since 1991, in the city of Barcelona. You can find us each month during all 2nd Fridays in our Temple belonging to the Spanish Great Lodge.

The visitors are always welcome in our Workshop, and their presence among us enrich us and at the same time strengthen the brotherhood bonds existing among the members of this ancient Brotherhood.

Receive a strong Brotherly Hug and my best wishes that you will always find your way in the life for being happy, improving as a person and contribute to a better society.


Jordi Ballart Worshipful Master EO56