Who we are?


According to the information that it was telling to me the starting of this RL, it was when one french brother Pano Caperonis, who was an olympic medal when it was competing for France, he was requesting to the VRB Great Master Luis Salat of the Spanish Great Lodge, the consecration of one Lodge in Barcelona by the name of Europa Olympica with the purpose to attend the sportmen that will be in the celebration of the XXV Olympic Games of the modern age and in this way they could aproach to the GLE (Spanish Great Lodge)

The Logde it was consecrate the month of May 1991 and the petitioners Brothers in their majority french Brothers, which were working in other Lodges in Sapin belonging to the GLE, as an exception it was acting as a 1st Warden VRB Josep Carretero which later on it was the Great Master for the Spanish Great Lodge (GLE).

It seems that after 2 years of  WB  Pano Caperonis the lodge diden’t have enough Brothers number that were living closer to Barcelona, which secure the continuity, then VRB Luis Salat Spanish Great Lodge Great Master decided that had to be choosen a Spanish Master, and then it was when they thought about the Brother Joan Garriga, to whom he requested to iniciate the necessary process for the Worshiful Master change.

He was installed as a Worshiful Master and after few months the totallity of Brothers which were until then membership of Europa Olympica left to attend the Ritual Works and the contact with them it was lost.

For strengthen the columns they came to the Ritual Works Brothers from the Lodge Sant Jordi Nº2 and from the Lodge Tau Nº12, being the first year very difficult to achieve the enough Brothers number for opening the works with normality. Beside of that, it was when the ritual it was changed to Emulation and also it was elected as a day for the Ritual Works the 2nd Friday of each month. In the election of the Friday took some part the fact that on Friday, it was in that period of time, the only weekly day without football on TV.

After passing the first year of  Worshiful RB Joan Garriga it was installed as a Worshiful Master the WM José Luis Cuadra and during the term of  2 years that he was the WM it was when the Lodge it was consolidated and the number of their members were increased. Probably more that one have been told that this Lodge which name it’s Europa olympica could be named perfectly JOSE LUIS CUADRA because without him and his constant effort it would be taken several years in the Lodge consolidation.

One story from the firts years it’s the following: It arrived a demand from a profane for enter in, and his professional job it was Civil Warden Sergeant (a kind of militar police all over Spanish Cities and Towns), the doubts were very huge because of it could be the possibility to be a “mole”, today that it’s not important, but 20 years ago it was something to be taken in consideration. It was decided to accept him and it became an excellent Brother, in addition after a while he proposed us that other Civil Warden enter in the Lodge, both were with us until only for personal working reasons had to change of residence inside Spain.

In the list of PP.WW.MM that are in the call, two Brothers are missing. Both were choosen properly and regularly installed, but for several reasons they didn’t finalize their worshipful period, anyway I think that is good to have a memory for them, they were the Worshiful Brothers Ramir Pastor and Eduardo Rojo both in the eternal Orient.

These are my memories

Joan Garriga

We are inside the Catalonian Masonic Province and therefore under the Catalonian Province Great Lodge hierarchy.

We work under the patronage of Spanish Great Lodge (the only one Regular Obedience  in the Spanish territory).

Escudo GLE

We happily will receive at the regular Fremasons that will want to visit us.

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