Emulation Ritual

Masters Case


In the Respectable Lodge Europa Olympica 56 we work in the Emulation Ritual, also known as English Ritual or the Reconciliation.

It is about a ritual that wants to be simple, pure, based only in the symbology of the builders art, devoid of adds and artifices.

Historical Short Summary

As of 1717 were federate 4 Lodges in London and Westminster for forming the England Great Lodge, giving the origin to the modern Freemasonry. These lodges were working by means of the use of only oral, used by the Cathedral builder masons transmission already at the beginning of the Middle Ages, being very few the documents preserved due to the secret masonry tradition.

It’s not until 1823, ten years after the creation of the England United Great Lodge, when in London it was created the Emulation Lodge of Improvement with the aim of unifying and refine the appropriate nuances of this ritual, among others, the need to be worked by memorizing.

It will be after the II World War when, with the purpose of limitate at maximum the changes arise because of the same oral transmission and for facilitate its diffusion, that be publish for first time.

(* Information got from http://www.fu5.es/ResumenHistorico.html)

Some notes about the Emulation Ritual

The brother initiated in the Emulation Ritual is characterized by a special adherence to the Ritual knowledge and command, taking in account that it’s what draw the frame and contents for the Ritual Works. This Ritual can be defined as intimate because it’s through this practice and the Ritual study when the Initiate adds and thinks about the messages included in the opening and closing texts of the Lodge “works”, just like in the texts corresponding to the ceremonies of the Initiation, pass to the second grade of Fellow Craft and the Elevation to the third grade of Master.

The Emulation Ritual trace a path to practice, in the beginning and apparently, without the external help analysis and explanations coming from the others brothers. It have to live the Ritual and the Ritual Works. The masonic work is represented like a psychodrama which left a deep trace in the brother mind and heart, whenever he be receptive. Sometimes can seem disconcerting or difficult this path for the brother that waits to get explanations from the more veterans. It can be help to identify a part of the “Landmarks” (the old Assignments, Uses and Habits) which he will have to maintain, but the path it’s individual and personal, which leads to require an intimate introspective effort and self-criticism to the freemasons which practice the Emulation Ritual

The Apprentice to Master progression is found in the understanding, in the inside silence and the deep knowledge of grade tools. The accent is put in the personal work for the rough stone, symbol for the moral commitment and its perfection.

Compare with other Rituals, not all the masonic work is made exclusively during the Ritual Woks. In the Emulation Ritual takes on a exceptional importance the brotherly banquet that follows the Open Ritual Works, and in fact they don’t finish until the last toast or “Retejador Toast”. The banquet it’s part of the Ritual Works and therefore it has its own rules. Its external frame are the toasts and the stablish order for the use of each brother word. The inner frame is define by the words that this one pronounces, under the supervision of the Ceremony Direction and agreed with the Worshipful Master. During the banquet, all Lodge members can and have to contribute in opinions and reflections sensitive to enrich to the others. There aren’t previous indications about the work subjects during the banquet, but can mean, well carried, a great help for orienting to the brothers in the path for becoming a good freemason.


(* Information got from http://www.gle.org/francmasoneria/los-ritos/rito-de-emulacion)