Europe Lodges

The R.L. Europe Olympica 56 from the year 2014 is part of the “International Symposium of the Europe Lodges” (I.S.E.L.) formed in the year 2008 by the R.L. Europe at No. 765 O. Riccione (Italy) and that nation with the spirit of Fraternidad de Straits Ties between lodges that takes the number of European tratando remove Masonry Beyond the borders of the country.

From the first Symposium has been preserved is the highest hope of Fraternity among masones well as the continent’s viejo de crecimiento personal mediante the participants intercambio culture, ideas and opinions that the refuerzan vínculos among its participants. Since 2008, such as the first Assembly will agree on the symposium is held every year in a country different from the spirit elevando and international cultural events.

Año tras año will have the participation of the five Ido incrementando and lodges 1st “Symposium” in 2008, it has pasado 24 to 15 representing the country that have passed the 2016 edition tuvo place in Athens.

In May 2017 Barcelona will be the headquarters of the 10th I.S.E.L. y nuestra R.L. EO 56’ll have the honor of being the organizer of such an important event for the Catalan and Spanish masonry.

Cities and Countries where they are held “I.S.E.L.”:

2008 Riccione (Italia)

2009 Bucharest (Rumanía)

2010 Cagliari (Italia)

2011 Longwy (Francia)

2012 Viena (Austria)

2013 Belgrado (Serbia)

2014 Budapest (Hungria)

2015 Florencia (Italia)

2016 Atenas (Grecia)

Miembros de nuestra Logia en el último simposium de ISEL en Atenas